Yesterday was fantastic. After watching the weather go from blaringly sunny to thunderclouds in the span of a week, things couldn't have been better for my shoot with the Gomez family. Skies were overcast, with some slight texture in the clouds. That provided great sky-texture when I wanted to shoot wide, and nice even lighting when I needed to get close and focus on traditional portraits. Once again, the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 II really did a fantastic job with such varied light.

Having recently bought a house here on the island, Ashley wanted to document the special occasion with a beach photo shoot for her yearly christmas cards. The kids were fantastic subjects, probably the most energetic and well-behaved I've ever had, and the family as a whole was simply a pleasure to work with. 

I'm still editing the photos, but I'll update this post as I go along. For now here's one I couldn't help but edit last night!