This past month or two have been an absolute roller coaster. I've gone from a scientist stuck in a dead-end job with no offers from graduate schools, to a soon-to-be 2016 Pacific Crest Trail tru-hiker, to a photographer without a working camera, eventually landing where I am today: a photographer with two cameras, who's going to get his Master's Degree! 

Crazy, right? I'm sad that my plans to hike all 2,665 miles of the PCT will have to be post-poned for two years, but I've committed myself to that journey at the end of my Masters. I suspect these two years will fly by like no others in my life. 

Long story short, my Canon 6D of three years got too cozy with the ocean. So did the Canon 17-40 f/4L that was on it. Insurance covered the damages, but I needed a lighter alternative, so now I'm sitting with one Canon 6D (plus 2 L lenses) and a wonderful new Fuji X-T1 mirrorless (w/ kit lens). I'll write a review on the latter soon enough. 

Literally on the same day that my Fuji arrived, in the same hour actually, I got a call that will change my life. A professor from the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley offered me a full scholarship and Master's position in his lab. Small school or not, that's not the kind of offer you say "no" to. 

So here I am, sitting in an entirely different situation than I was just one month ago. I almost can't believe it. In just a few weeks I'll be moving to Brownsville, Texas, and from there on, who knows what will happen? 

All I know is I'll have a camera with me the whole time. Hell, I'll have two!