"Hold on a minute, I'll look cool." Those were some of the first words Loid said to me when I asked if I could take his photo. Loid and I go way back. All total, we've known each other for about 5 minutes. 

I met Loid while walking towards the Tenderloin area of downtown San Francisco, near the BART station. At first, I thought "wow, look at this asshole, with his bike up on the sidewalk." As it turns out, Loid's a pretty cool guy. He's been riding motorcycles since his early twenties, and is an SF regular. All in all, he's a pretty original dude. Right down to the rings of ink tattooed on his hands, and the self-made white hand emblem he puts on all his belongings. 

Curious, I asked Loid what the hand meant. 

"Eh, it's just a symbol."

I suppose that sometimes, things are just as they seem. 

P.S: I did think to ask him, the hand is not the white hand of Sarumon from LOTR :)