Sometimes, I wander.

I wander down ravines. I wander into the sea. I wander onto cliffs. I wander, in search of photos. Last week, I found one.

I had already shot a landscape which I thought would be decent, so I packed up the tripod and walked up the coast. Turning off abandoned railroad tracks, I decided I'd skirt the cliff-side agriculture fields just North of Davenport Beach. With sunset an hour out, I expected to set up for a long exposure on some precipice. I didn't expect to be charged by an 8 month old puppy out of nowhere.

Turns out, that pup belonged to Noah and Brendan, two locals fishing off the cliffs some 100 ft above the water below. I asked if I could share their cliff, and they kindly obliged. The three of us chatted for almost an hour, between their threading new bait and my snapping the occasional sneak photo. We chatted about life, about our parents, and watched as whales breached in the distance.

Some sunsets, you'll never forget.