If there's one thing I love about photography, it's getting to meet great people. If I'm lucky, they'll even trust me enough to let me take a photo or two. 

And then there are weddings. The few couples who have entrusted to me not only their photos, but what might very well be the biggest day of their lives. I'll have one shot to capture those memories and moments, so I'd better get it right the first time. That means knowing whats happening when on the big day, and even more so, knowing my clients. 

That process begins with the engagement shoot. 

This past weekend I had the great opportunity to shoot with Tyler and Adriena, the first couple to ever sign me for their wedding (coming in August). They're fun-loving, and focused on what matters most in life, each other. So, we headed to a location I thought would suit them: Davenport Beach. What followed was probably one of my best engagement shoots to-date, and...well I'll let you be the judge :)