This is Dennis. 

I met Dennis today, February 6th 2015, on a rainy day in San Francisco. Visiting the incredible Legion of Honor for the first time, on an admittedly poor choice of days in terms of weather, I noted an older man leave the stone halls and sit at a nearby bus stop. Still standing under the cover of the Legion's halls, I watched. He carried a simple backpack, and wore simple clothes. A yellow jacket kept him dry amidst the gusts of wind and rain. Eventually, I decided he was the reason I'd driven the hour to San Francisco to begin with. 

I introduced myself, and explained that I'm a local photographer. Only then did I pop the question, and ask if I could take his photo. 

"Can I ask what for?" Dennis asked. 

"It's part of a project I've been doing. Really more part of a new project I'm starting soon." 

"Ok then, sure." he obliged, just as his bus showed up. Luckily, the driver had other plans, and decided to take a quick break. I set to work, snapping off a couple quick shots while asking about the Legion's history. Dennis seemed like the type of guy who would know. I soon learned the fortress is almost one hundred years old, having been build just after World War I. I also learned that Dennis is an artist himself, and while he's an S.F resident, he frequents a pottery studio in Pacifica. 

"Art is my belief system" he mentioned. 

Soon after, Dennis got up, I shook his hand, and thanked him for the opportunity. Turning to board, Dennis chuckled "You know, you're the second person to shoot me for a project." 

"The last person's was on old men of San Francisco."