Man, talk about a journey. This project has been such a huge influence on my photography. It has taken me from California, to Oregon, to the mountain, the coast, the beaches of Hawaii, and the cities of South Korea. I still wonder if I went to these places, or if the project took on a mind of its own, and I was simply along for the ride. 

A year is a long time, but in retrospect, it isn't nearly as long as it should be. Looking back through all of the photos, organizing them, has been one hell of a nostalgic trip. An incredible one. So, what's this week's photo? 

A couples portrait! But not just any couples shot. The the first time, I've gotten to mix my love of landscape and couples thanks to an engagement shoot from yesterday, my first by the way! I've now got a new direction to my photography in weddings and engagements, and for the first time things are looking sustainable. I'm looking at the beginnings of a great small business, doing exactly what I love, with some truly wonderful people. 

My next project will be coming soon, give me a week or so. I'm thinking I might set it on at least a year-long timeline as well. There is something to be said for the incredible pull of a photo project, literally pushing you out the door sometimes to capture a photo for a waiting audience that may or may not exist. If there is one thing this project has done for me, it's that I now have an insatiable urge to create photos. I can't not carry my camera. I can't not ask someone for their portrait. I can't not be a photographer. 

I feel I'm only beginning to realize the true extent of that statement as I move down these new, exciting avenues. 

It might be done, but my work isn't. There are new projects to come, new people to meet, and new images to create. I can't wait :)