After the coastal adventures of Week 50, Week 51 of my project came in a blur. Initially I had myself scheduled to do a beach shoot, but that didn't work out. Next thing I know I'm shooting these two awesome guys in Davis, CA's greenbelt.  

Full disclosure, while I am a complete believer in the right for two people to be happy and love each other, doing my first shoot for a gay couple was a little unnerving at first. Not because of any ethical or moral quandaries, there aren't any, have you seen these two? They're awesome together! Instead, I simply wasn't quite sure how I'd pose two guys together. I'm used to a female and male, the first usually smaller. That difference really helps when it comes to seeing who fits in who's lap for a classic couple's pose. Tim and Jon? Identical sizes. 

Luckily, these two were incredible when it came to being in front of the camera. They didn't need a hint of posing advice, and instead did what any photographer dreams of a couple doing for a change: they focused on each other. 

Here's a big thanks to Tim and Jon. For trusting me with their shoot, reminding me that a couple is a couple, and also for being such great subjects in front of the lens.