Week 43 of my 52 Weeks project had me in Redwood National Park. Some of the largest trees in the world reside here, amongst thick ferns and massive mushrooms. The damp climate, while beautiful with it's nightly enveloping mist, proved to be a bit cold for two somewhat underprepared campers. All in all, I plan on returning! 

This photo was taken in a creekbed, as the water runs to the nearby ocean beneath layers of tall grasses and mossy tree remnants. Athina and I had just completed a hike into the legendary Fern Canyon, but we were unable to complete the course thanks to one angsty teenager who decided to destroy a critical water-crossing's bridge. Nonetheless, the surrounding area was equally beautiful. These flowing grasses especially caught my eye.

Taken with: 
Canon 6D
Canon 17-40 f/4L
Lee .9GND Soft
Lee Big Stopper