Wow. 48 Weeks have passed in a flash, and here I am, nearing the end of this wonderful project. I'm not yet finished, the story isn't complete, but I can say it's been quite a journey. 

Week 48, one of my last, had me racing to the coast after work. Originally planning to head to my favorite spot, Davenport Beach, I turned and picked a location I had only heard rumor of: Shark Tooth Beach. 

The small secluded cove is protected by towering cliffs on all sides, and features a massive sea stack. Home to resting pelicans, the stack framed sunset perfectly, and I quickly fell in love with the algae covered rocks. As waves rushed past to my right, and broke on the rocks to my left, I simply got to sit back and watch the sunset go by. As the sun dipped below the horizon, cliffs became steeped in shadow, and vibrant reds shot through the spray of breaking waves. 

It was a truly memorable sunset, and Shark Tooth Beach is now at the top of my list of incredible beaches to revisit, camera in hand or not. 

Taken with: 
Canon 6D
Canon 17 - 40 f/4L
Lee .9 GND Soft