Week 46 of my 52 Weeks photo project was truly a treat. Not only did I get to spend a wonderful weekend in Davis celebrating my birthday, but I also finally settled on my next photo project! 

Walking through the Davis Farmer's Market, a local Saturday morning affair, I spotted these three ladies near a large playground. Even from a distance, the photo opportunity was clear as day. 

I introduced myself, and requested to take their photo. Graciously, they agreed, and we exchanged names. 

"Let me guess. Grandmother, granddaughter, mother?" I asked. 

"Close, I'm actually the Aunt." replied Heather. 

"I'm Miriam" added the charming grandmother. 

"And this is Clara" Heather elaborated, motioning towards the youngest of the three. 

"How do you spell that?" I asked
"C-l-a-r-a" Clara piped, "everyone always messes it up."

Miriam, Clara, and Heather, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I thank you for taking part in my project. You've inspired me to chase new horizons in my next project! 

Also, to get a glance of Heather's fantastic pup, Keeper, check out the next photo! At six years old, Keeper is a classic tail of a rescue that turned into a life-long friendship. 

Note: I won't give out all the details on the new project now, they will come in a couple weeks with the conclusion of this year-long endeavor. However, this photo, and it's story, might lend some clues as to what you should expect!