Clouds race towards the horizon at sunrise, above Bear Gulch Reservoir - Pinnacles National Park.

Taken with: 
Canon 6D
Canon 17-40 f/4L
Lee .9 GND Soft
Lee Big Stopper

Story: Week 45 was a difficult one for me, but it provided some useful insights. 

I spent most of the week driving straight home after work. I wanted to take photos, but I couldn't settle on what of, or how. For me, that's about as frustrating as it gets. I felt like I should be doing more with my photography, but also felt trapped, unable to act on such strong feelings. By the end of Thursday I was in ruin, depressed, and frustrated. 

Only then did I decide I was sick of my own inaction. In an hour I had my bags packed, and the following afternoon I was off to Pinnacles National Park on a completely self-serving, solo photography mission. 

I rose early every day, beating sunrise to the local reservoir and hiking some 12 miles over the course of the weekend. It was inspiring, refreshing, and really helped me re-center on what I want out of my photography. I also had the incredible opportunity of having 6 incredibly rare California Condors give me a fantastic flyby. 

I've also settled on what my next photo project will be! 

To all of you who have followed me thus far in my journey, I hope your weekend was as pleasant as mine turned out to be. God knows, we all need a break now and then.