This is it. Week 26. The halfway mark to my completion of my very first photographic marathon, my first 52 Weeks project. 

Having moved to the Bay Area on Monday, starting a new job on Tuesday, and subsequently being overwhelmed by the desire to just curl up into a ball and do nothing but read the hours away, I finally decided enough was enough on Sunday. I needed a photo for this week, and I wasn't going to simply let the suburbia of Mountain View dry up my passion for photography. 

I packed my bags, and drove one hour Southwest to Santa Cruz. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew I'd see it when the time came, so I simply walked. I walked, and walked, and walked. I got some food, and I walked some more. Eventually, I found myself on the beach at high tide, the waves rolling in at my knees as I stood next to a large, encrusted rock. Slates of rocks provided leading lines, as did the faltering, lighter reflections of the sun which had already set. Large trees, and a beach house marked the background. It was Santa Cruz as I had never seen it. I took my photo, glanced it over, and headed home content.

Another week down.