Jagged boulders shred incoming waves and guard the sea along California's Lost Coast. 

For Week 22 of my 52 Weeks photo project, I wanted to do something special. For the first time, I ventured out to a truly remote portion of the coast, alone. The trail down required the use of ropes, and the cove was completely abandoned upon my arrival. Typically used by locals as an private spot during abalone diving season, the cove features a towering spire some 100+ feet tall, and jagged boulders on the seaward side of a small peninsula. I spent several hours clambering over car-sized monoliths, watching the incoming waves crash against unrelenting spires of granite. I found my shot, and sat back, waiting for blue hour, when the North Coast really shows off it's ability to turn entire landscapes violet and blue. An uneventful sunset passed, and then the moment came during blue hour. Perching on a boulder, I snapped away, waiting for just the right wave action between the boulders. 

This week's photo doesn't demonstrate a new technique, but it does demonstrate a milestone in my photographic journey. For the first time, I've truly ventured out on my own, taking risks all for the sake of a photo. It was an opportunity to check myself, to check my dedication to photography, to see how far I'd go. I found nothing that day that could stand between me and a photo, which is a truly invigorating feeling.