A photographer friend and I had a crazy, spur of the moment idea this week. We wanted to go into the Sierra's, and we wanted to do it at night. 

So that is exactly what we did. 

Armed with freshly cooked (or so we're told) fast food, we drove two hours East of Davis, CA towards Lake Tahoe. About 20 minutes out from the lake, we turned Southeast, heading towards Carson Pass. Passing meadows and rocky slopes in the twilight, the sun was long gone by the time we began our hike into the backcountry. About an hour and a half later, we reached our destination, a beautiful alpine lake. The milky way was out, albeit largely obscured by the nearby Round Top Mountain. Stars dotted the sky on the moonless night, and we began shooting. 

Soon enough I realized that even by the bright starlight, there simply wasn't enough light to pick up any detail from the foreground or mountains around us. A little disgruntled, I set to using my flash. I have to admit I wasn't too happy with the photos, but it was a fantastic hike with great company. I hope to return soon on a night with a moon to do some moonscaping.