For week 16 of my 52 Weeks photo project, I visited South Korea's largest fish market, the sprawling Jagalchi Market. 

Fish littered the vendor-lined streets. All you can hear is people shouting and trying to entice buyers, either to buy the whole fish set out on display, or to step behind the stalls into the small storage spaces that serve as makeshift restaurants during busy days. Everyone was looking to sell, and most everyone else was looking to buy, that is, except me. I just wanted to take photos. 

One thing that hit me hard, especially as an ecologist and diver, was the impact this place and the many others like it must have on the environment. Live fish. Dead fish. Fish everywhere. They all came from the sea, and none would ever return. The sheer volume was astounding. I decided I wanted to take a photo demonstrating not only this, but also how I felt out it all, how I (on a personal level) couldn't help but view it as somewhat wasteful, damaging. I found what I wanted in a waste bucket. Taking a quick frame, I pulled away from the viewfinder to find the "janitor" looking at me. He let out a chuckle at the silly American interested in trash, emptied the bucket, and wandered off.