For Week 9 of my "52 Weeks" photo project, I returned to an area I truly enjoy, fashion photography. 

I haven't been shooting portraits for too long, but I am determined to grow better at them, to expand my knowledge and press the boundaries of what I can do in terms of lighting, posing, and composition. I've spent the past months stretching what's possible to do with a single light source, and I used that experience in my last shoot. At the request of a model I've photographed before, we met up and did a quick, edgy shoot. I wanted to focus on deep shadows that communicated a specific feeling, a tone into the photo. I went into it wanting to produce a solid image, and I feel like I met my goal. 

With graduation no longer looming in the distance but just a few short weeks away, I often contemplate if I could take my shooting to the next level and make the jump to shooting for pay, professionally as a way of supporting myself out of college. I battle the thoughts daily, make lists of pros and cons on a weekly basis, and have yet to come to a solid conclusion. The risk would be huge, but I feel I would truly enjoy myself, and experience tells me if you enjoy something and are willing to put the hours in then things have a way of working out in the long run. 

Who knows...