For Week 7 of my "52 Weeks" photo project I decided to do something a little more artsy. 

I initially started burning the edges of printer paper in our bathroom with the idea in mind that I would lay them out, layering together a landscape of mountainous silhouettes, a kind of burn forest. 

Well, that didn't work. Turns out paper burns more readily than I expected, and next thing I know I've got a small bonfire in our sink and quite a bit of lost arm hair. 

What did notice, however, was that when I dowsed the burning sheets with water, a fragile film was left over. It stuck to my skin when when, and gently peeled upon drying. So, I decided to run with it. Hope you enjoy the results! Initially titled "Burn" I decided after enough looking that the image more representing something breaking from a mold, and aptly renamed it.