For week 6 of my ongoing "52 Weeks" photo project, I decided it was time to photograph one very special pup. 

Baxter is our wolf hybrid. Yes, I said "wolf" (grey, to be specific). He's the sweetest dog I've ever met, and has, bar none, the most expressive eyes of any dog I've seen. When he looks at you, you not only know every emotion he feels, but a sensation creeps into your heart that he knows every emotion you're feeling as well. Owning Baxter from a pup, I've grown up around him, and he around my family and I. I've seen him play in his first snow as a small puff of fur, and I've seen him grow into a tough, hardened mountain of a dog that doesn't shudder at the thought of a below-freezing winter. 

Rattlesnake bites, two torn ACL's, stitches, and so many other things have tried to bring this beautiful animal down, yet he's abated through it all, running through the woods every day with the same enthusiasm and energy he brought into the world as a puppy. Baxter's body is getting old now, but one look at his eyes and you know his heart burns as hot as ever. He is, and always will be, my brother. 

Love you bro.