Last week I found myself in Maui, Hawaii for my brother's wedding. I admit, I didn't do nearly as much shooting as I should have, but that's because I was satisfying my other hobby, scuba diving! Unfortunately I simply don't have the cash to buy a housing and lighting setup to bring the 6D on my dives with me, so taking my photography to the underwater realm will have to wait for a bit. 

Regardless, I did take some photos. I got out into downtown Lahaina one evening for about two hours, and decided I would give shooting the sunset a go. Finding a beach that wasn't crawling with tourists was...challenging. Every time I would set up a frame, sure enough a new person would come and plant themselves dead center. Had I been looking to take photos of people, this would have been great, but I had a plan. I knew what I wanted, and people were not it. 

Eventually, I found a small beach next to a Bubba Gump's Restaurant, and I set up my tripod low to the ground, and right on the edge of the water. Sitting, waiting for the sunset, I really got the chance to watch the light change, and it was a wonderful experience. Like sitting at some kind of cosmic Sushi Boat restaurant, one composition after another passed in front of me until just the right one caused me to press the shutter.  So, here you go!