Well I might be a week behind, but here it is, the first image of my 52 week project! (below)

Two weekends ago I ventured back out to the Sonoma Coast, just North of Bodega, CA to do more field surveys for a research project of mine. I've been making bi-weekly trips, and have been fortunate having gotten to know the coastline very well over the course of my work. I've also had the opportunity to further expand my long-exposure photography, so what better way to kick off my 52 Weeks project than to begin with this rugged, beautiful, and familiar landscape. 

I promised you all that my project would not the be run of the mill, would be free of cat photos, and absent of all images involving tacky mugs. I hope the image below satisfies that promise, and I'll post the second image in my project very soon, this time from beautiful Lahaina, Hawaii! 

Keep shooting! 


Week 1 of 52: Furlong Gulch Beach, Sonoma CA