Beautiful places don't come to you, you have to seek them out. Waver for a moment, and they're gone. So walk through the forest fervently, listen carefully to the world's tonality, and live.

For Week 36 of my 52 Weeks project, I took a much needed solo hike deep into the Santa Cruz Mountains. 10 miles to be exact. 

As redwoods towered above me, it gave me time to think, to destress, and most of all to reconnect with the natural world I find so lacking in the Bay Area. 

Seeing this toppled giant and the lush greenery adjacent, I set up to take a shot. Only once I was set up did I realize that the photo wasn't meant to be just about the tree. Just like my hike, this image had to be a reminder of my place in the world as a photographer. After all, this entire project is as much about my journey as a photographer, as it is about the images themselves. 

So, I set up my remote timer, clambered onto the tree, and enjoyed the surroundings for a few minutes. 

All in all, the hike was a huge personal success, giving me the opportunity to regain perspective, and relax.