For Week 32 of my 52 Weeks photo project, I had a truly unique opportunity. 

Contacted months prior, a good friend and past coworker of mine expressed that her son was gaining an interest in photography, and that he enjoyed my photos. She asked if I could travel to Oregon to teach him over a weekend. I did, and it was a blast. 

Not only did our small group enjoy a hike up the base up Mt. Hood, we also got to shoot at one of the clearest lakes I've ever seen. 

Peppered with enthusiastic photographers, including one Irish gent, Trillium Lake was the picture of idyllic shooting conditions. Vibrant bluebird skies painted a canvas across which marshmallow white clouds floated. Passing along as I spoke with my student, Raven, about the ins and outs of the exposure triangle. 

It was a fantastic experience, one I hope to repeat soon, and one I'll certainly never forget. Getting to share photography with someone so young was truly rewarding. Not to mention, the night sky out there was awesome and reminded me of home. 

Thanks Kristin, Jacob, and Raven, it was a blast!