For Week 31 of my 52 Weeks project, I hit the biggest creative roadblock I've ever experienced. 

All week I looked for photos, and nothing came to mind. Not one image. Nothing. Nada. 

Come Sunday evening, I was desperate. I decided to drive out to a nearby bridge and see if I could get a shot of the traffic. Turns out my tripod wasn't working for me, and I was shit out of luck. 

Since moving to the Bay Area, this project has grown exponentially tougher. Mountain View is, in a word, suffocating. Suburbia drains you of all creativity, and the landscape of any and all character. It sucks.

I took this crap photo realizing that this project is more than just producing 52 images, it's also a sort of photographic diary. After a lot of frustrated deliberation on whether or not I should stop the project now that I live in photographic hell, I decided that any photo is better than no photo, and that no project would be complete without its moments of utter frustration, no diary without a page of useless, ugly scribbles. 

So, here's to moving forwards. I hope.