The city of San Francisco, on a perfectly ordinary, but incredibly beautiful Tuesday evening. 

For this week I had one of those "screw this, I'm going to go shoot" moments. I woke up on a weekday, and didn't want to spend my evening at the gym provided by work, or studying for my upcoming GRE exam. I wanted to make a photo, damnit. 

So I did. I spoke with a coworker, and he suggested I check out Treasure Island, a midway point between the two halves of the Bay Bridge as it heads into San Francisco. A couple hours and a phonecall later, and I was headed out to the island with a photographer friend of mine, Phil. It was just what I needed, and evening of hopping fences trying to find the best shots, and good conversation. We both got some great shots, and I owe this one to Phil letting me borrow his 70-200 (I left mine at home) so I could get a solid zoom of distant San Francisco. 

The complete panorama is composed of 30 images, and stretches almost 11 ft long. Drapes can be seen in windows, people on docks, etc. Full resolution downloads available upon request.